Macerate of sea buckthorn in honey

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Preparation time15 min
Waiting time15 days
Cooking time--
Ready in15 days 15 m

Sea buckthorn with honey in a jar, an excellent combination for increasing the body's immunity, especially near the cold season.


~ 15 servings, one serving being considered a spoon, 1 tablespoon = ~ 30g


Estimated cost: 2.8


  • - 600ml glass container


  • Macerate of sea buckthorn in honey - Preparation step 1Sea buckthorn berries / fruits are detached with scissors from the branches, then washed in 2-3 waters. I usually put the cleaned sea buckthorn in the sink, let the cold water run, enough to cover them, mix ~ 1 minute and let the water drain. I do this 2-3 times, then I put the sea buckthorn on paper towels to dry off the excess water (let it dry for ~ 1 hour).
  • Macerate of sea buckthorn in honey - Preparation step 2In a glass container (a jar), add the sea buckthorn fruit until it covers 3 quarters of the volume of the container.
  • Macerate of sea buckthorn in honey - Preparation step 3Over the sea buckthorn in the jar, add the honey, little by little, in stages, so that it drains between the sea buckthorn berries and finally covers them.
  • Macerate of sea buckthorn in honey - Preparation step 4Seal the container tightly with a lid and then store in a dark, cool place (refrigerator).
  • It can be consumed after 15 days, after the sea buckthorn has been well macerated with honey. It will then be kept in the fridge until completely consumed. After maceration, a thin syrup will be obtained, and the sea buckthorn fruits will appear raisins, their juice being homogenized with honey.

Quantity rule for sea buckthorn macerate: fill the jar for 3 quarters with sea buckthorn, then pour honey, little by little, until the container is filled and the sea buckthorn is practically covered with honey.

Detachment of sea buckthorn berries from branches: It is quite meticulous and that is why those who work with very large quantities, use the freezing method, which basically involves freezing the sea buckthorn branches and then detaching the fruit by shaking the branches. However, although freezing does not involve a great loss of the properties of sea buckthorn, if you have time, we recommend cutting sea buckthorn from the branches with scissors.

It is good that the sea buckthorn fruits to be well dried by the excess water, accumulated after washing, before maceration, in order to avoid a possible premature fermentation.


Take one tablespoon of maceration 3 times a day, preferably 30 minutes before meals.

Cures of 2-4 weeks are recommended, especially in the autumn-winter period.

In the case of children, the spoon will be replaced with a teaspoon.

Shelf life of sea buckthorn macerate:
Personally, I have tested this product several times and I can tell you that it is ok after 6 months; let us not forget, however, that honey is a very good preservative. The shelf life is influenced by the proportion of honey & sea buckthorn: the more honey you put, the longer the preparation will last.


  • natural energizer
  • immunostimulator
  • prevents colds and flu
  • antioxidant

Side effects

  • diuretic
  • may cause heartburn
  • can amplify irritable bowel problems, causing bloating, flatulence


May cause harm to people suffering from the following conditions:

  • irritable bowel
  • ballooning
  • gastritis
  • diarrhea
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