Green onion

Green onion and its benefits

Green onion is used in spring for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects on the body. The cure of green onion or onion juice helps to strengthen your body and keep you healthy. If you want to have a regulated blood sugar level or keep your cholesterol under control, green onion is the ideal remedy.

Green onion represents actually young onion shoots that grow from the bulb. They have a small white tip, not fully developed, and have long green stems. Green onion is used in salads, dishes and various foods since ancient times. Green onion has a rich content of vitamins, thiosulfinates, sulfides, with specific flavor and spicy taste.

Green onion contains large amounts of vitamin C, vitamin B9, but also potassium and calcium. In spring, a cure with green onion has a detoxifying role for the body. Onion is also a very effective natural anti-allergic. Eating green onion helps maintain body tone, strengthens the circulatory system and heart, has large amounts of antioxidants and is beneficial for each of us.

Nutritional values of green onion (100g)

- Vitamin A: 200 µg
- Vitamin B1 - Thiamin: 0.03 mg
- Vitamin E (Alpha-tocopherol): 0.21 mg
- Vitamin B2 - Riboflavin: 0.026 mg
- Vitamin B3 (vit. PP) - Niacin: 0.33mg
- Vitamin B5 – Pantothenic acid: 0.138 mg
- Vitamin B6: 0.088 mg
- Vitamin K (Phylloquinone – vit. K1): 156.3 µg
- Vitamin C: 13.4 mg
- Vitamin B9 – Folic acid, DFE: 30 µg
- Calcium: 52 mg
- Copper: 0.031 mg
- Iron: 0.51 mg
- Phosphorus: 25 mg
- Magnesium: 16 mg

Benefits of green onion

Green onion is rich in vitamin A. A sprig of green onion contains the daily amount of vitamin A you need. Doctors recommend green onion for its good fiber which helps the digestive system.

Green onion contains copper and antioxidants

Green onion is a source of minerals, especially copper, iron, phosphorus and magnesium. Copper is rare and not present in all vegetables, so take advantage of this benefit that green onion offers to you. The circulatory system, pancreas, liver and much more benefit from the positive effects of onion. Green onion helps cells’ health.

The substances present in green onion can decrease the production of xanthine oxidase, it is an enzyme that produces free radicals. Onion contain compounds with antioxidant role, such as carotenes, vitamins A, E, C and quercetin, zeaxanthin, which have the role of strengthening the body’s resistance to microbes, but also free radicals.

Green onion cure

Regular consumption of green onion strengthens your body, keeps you healthier and increases your immunity. The green onion cure has a diuretic and purifying effect. Onion sprigs act as anti-allergic and contribute to a regular activity of the endocrine system.

Green onion adjusts blood sugar and helps diabetics maintain a correct level of it. If you consume a lot of fluids, onion helps stimulate kidney activity. If you have problems with high cholesterol, green onion inhibits “bad” cholesterol and stimulates good cholesterol with an anti-atherosclerotic effect.

Green onion helps in dermatological diseases

Green onion is ideal for dermatological problems, due to the detoxifying effect of the sulfur contained. If you suffer from acne, it can be alleviated with a green onion cure. Nutritionists and doctors recommend eating onion with dill and celery to cleanse the skin. Eating green onion relieves skin inflammation, smoothes the skin and soothes pimples.

Green onion juice as a natural adjuvant in the treatment of cancer

Green onion juice is a good detoxifier. Oncologists have studied the effects of onion juice and recommend it as a nutritional supplement for cancer patients. Onion has an effect against the development of tumors (cancer of the colon, breast, ovaries or lungs), due to antioxidants and sulfur compounds. The beneficial action of onion slows down the development of tumor tissues.

How to make onion juice? A few sprigs of green onion (including green stalks) are mixed in a blender and then strained and the juice is drunk a quarter of an hour before meals. The cure with green onion juice lasts at least two weeks and it is repeated as needed.

How do you keep your blood sugar under control by eating green onion?

The diabetics are helped by green onion to keep their blood sugar at an acceptable level. Use 1 kg of green onion (white part and stem leaves). Mix in a blender then add 1.5 liters of still water. The mixture is then stored in a hermetically sealed bottle and kept in the refrigerator. The cure lasts 10 days, then take a break of 20 days and the treatment can last indefinitely. The recommended daily dose is half a glass before the three daily meals.

Contraindications and side effects of green onion

There are many people who have a digestive intolerance to green onion. Although it is often used in spring salads, it can induce gastric burns, so caution is recommended for those suffering from gastritis, ulcers etc. A tip: after eating onion, take a little lemon juice and then chew some leaves of lovage or parsley. It will soften the effect of onion and especially reduce the unpleasant odor.

Beneficial properties of green onion

- Strengthens the immune system;
- Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant;
- Treats dermatological conditions;
- Prevents cancer;
- Lowers cholesterol levels.

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