Propolis and essential oils spray against viruses, ideal for corona virus protection mask (covid-19)

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Preparation time2 min
Waiting time--
Cooking time--
Ready in2 min

A natural barrier against viruses using a spray with essential oils and propolis tincture. Spray a few jets on the corona virus protection mask.


About 75 sprays per 15 ml (4 drops = ~ 0.2 ml = ~ 1 spray)


Estimated cost: 3.0


  • - 15 ml spray container
  • - classic surgical mask


  • Add the essential oils together with the propolis tincture and the almond oil base to the spray container.
  • Close the sprayer and shake to homogenize the mixture.
  • Apply 1-4 sprays on the mask, depending on how much each one supports.
  • You can also use an ultra-slim daily hygienic pad (daily liners for women) applied to the mask and spray on it directly.

Another idea to increase the protection of the mask against corona-virus, using a spray with propolis tincture and essential oils

Essential oils with an important role in respiratory diseases are: geranium, eucalyptus, mint, thyme, rosemary, cloves, tea tree.

Use only essential oils that can be consumed internally.

If you want to reuse the mask, you can apply an ultra slim daily hygienic pad on the mask and spray only on the swab.

Propolis tincture together with essential oils forms a natural barrier against viruses.

All the ingredients used (propolis and essential oils) contribute to the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases.


Apply 1-4 sprays on the mask, depending on how much each one supports.


  • the mask becomes much more effective
  • prevents infection with viruses / bacteria / parasites in the air (antibacterial, antiseptic, antimicrobial effect)
  • protects and clears the airways
  • adjuvant in the treatment of respiratory tract infections
  • contributes to increasing respiratory capacity
  • stimulates the immune system
  • cough reliever, sore throat
  • expectorant (cough and nasal congestion)
  • natural antibiotic

Side effects

Too much essential oil can cause skin and eye irritation.


  • For those with stomach problems, beware, essential oils can enhance the burning sensation. In this case you can use only certain essential oils or only propolis tincture ... Also reduce the dose a lot.
  • People with allergies need to be careful about the ingredients used and eliminate what does not do them any good.
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