Macerated onion in water with honey for cough, sore throat, colds

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Preparation time10 min
Waiting time12 hours
Cooking time--
Ready in12 h 10 m

Onion macerate, a simple home remedy for cough, sore throat, colds.


5 servings of ~ 100ml for one day


Estimated cost: 0.2


  • Wash the onion, clean and then slice.
  • Put sliced onion in a bowl, over which water and honey (sugar) are added and mixed.
  • Seal the container tightly and leave to macerate for 12 hours.


Drink ~ 100 ml every 2 hours. After a day of treatment, you should feel an improvement. It can be continued for up to 3 days. If after the first day you do not feel any improvement, consult a doctor.


  • calms the cough, sore throats
  • expectorant
  • protects against colds
  • natural remedy for tonsillitis


- in large quantities it can become a diuretic
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