Macerated onion with honey

Macerate Very easy 3 servings Subscribe to youtube channel
Preparation time3 min
Waiting time12 hours
Cooking time--
Ready in12 h 3 m

The combination of honey bees and onions is one of the best known remedies for cough treatment.


3 tablespoons



  • Wash the onion, peel and then cut it into thin slices, to be put in a container (bowl).
  • Put the sliced onion in layers in the container, adding a little honey between the layers.
  • Finally fill with honey until slices of onion are covered.
  • Seal the container tightly and leave the mixture to macerate overnight (about 12 hours).
  • After 12 hours, separate the liquid (syrup) formed and store in another tightly closed container. The sliced onion is thrown.

Both ingredients have antibiotic and expectorant properties that help alleviate the symptoms associated with cough, preventing its aggravation.

Any type of onion can be used:
- red onion
- yellow onion
- white onion


For best results, it is advisable to take one tablespoon of this syrup every two hours.


  • calms the cough
  • relieves pain in the throat
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