Rosehip paste with honey, pollen, ginger, lemon and mint, at cold

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Preparation time30 min
Waiting time24 hours
Ready in24 h 30 m

Tonic / Energizer / Ally of the immune system

Rosehip paste or concentrated syrup/juice with honey, pollen, ginger, lemon and mint, at cold - a combination of ingredients that becomes a allied shield for the immune system, the whole body feeling revived, energized.


~ 750 ml of concentrated rosehip paste



Estimated cost: 6.7


  • - containers
  • - sieve, cheesecloth for filtering/separating juice


  • Rosehip paste with honey, pollen, ginger, lemon and mint, at cold - Preparation step 1Ingredients are prepared, washed, weighed, ...
    Rosehip fruits can be washed in 2-3 waters, then you can leave them in the water for 30 minutes. It is good to choose rosehips with the softest pulp, not dry, just to be able to extract the pulp from them.
    Honey: it is recommended to use a raw, acacia honey. This will also help preserve the rosehip paste.
    Pollen: raw pollen is recommended (keep it in the freezer).
    Ginger: wash, clean the peel and cut into thin slices so that they can be blended easily later.
    Lemon: a medium-large lemon is recommended, as it is important both for its taste and acidity, helping to fuse the ingredients.
    Mint: fresh mint is recommended, but you can also use 2-3 drops of peppermint essential oil for internal use.
    Water: it is strictly used to facilitate the mixing of the ingredients, as well as to dilute the paste, so that it can be filtered.
    The cold rosehip paste can be made with only rosehips, honey and possibly water for a slight dilution, the rest of the ingredients being basically the customization of the recipe.
  • Rosehip paste with honey, pollen, ginger, lemon and mint, at cold - Preparation step 2The ingredients (minus the lemon) will mix using a blender/mixer. Add the rose hips, ginger, pollen, mint and water to the blender jar. Mix for ~1 minute, until the rose hips are finely chopped.
    If the blender container is smaller, you will blend in several passes.
    It's interesting that the seeds from the rose hips are not crushed when mixing (at least that's how it was in my case).
  • Rosehip paste with honey, pollen, ginger, lemon and mint, at cold - Preparation step 3Squeeze the lemon, add the obtained lemon juice to the blender bowl and mix for another ~ 20 seconds to homogenize.
  • Rosehip paste with honey, pollen, ginger, lemon and mint, at cold - Preparation step 4Next, filter the formed paste using a sieve or cheesecloth.
    I used a medium sieve as filter mesh, which only stops the seeds from the rose hips.
    I also tried filtering through cheesecloth, but the paste being quite dense, filtering was cumbersome (I would have needed to add more water for dilution) and I gave up on this method.
    The remaining residue, i.e. the kernels with a little pulp, you can throw away (I don't recommend) or you can try to filter them one more time, adding water and finally a little honey. From the second filtration, I obtained ~1 liter of juice, ready to drink.
    ⚠ Do not combine the juice obtained from filtering the residue (pulp) with the obtained paste, because having water, you will reduce its shelf life.
  • Rosehip paste with honey, pollen, ginger, lemon and mint, at cold - Preparation step 5A thick paste is obtained, on top of which we add the honey and mix until homogeneous. Honey is a very good preservative and thus we will ensure that our preparation will keep well.
  • Rosehip paste with honey, pollen, ginger, lemon and mint, at cold - Preparation step 6Rosehip paste or rosehip juice concentrate is ready. We will store it in glass containers, hermetically sealed, necessarily cold, in the refrigerator.
    ⚠ It is recommended that the paste sit for at least 24 hours for the ingredients to macerate.
    It will be consumed as such, diluted with water or in combination with various drinks.


→ By adding honey, I make sure that the rosehip paste will not ferment. Those with sweet tooth restrictions can make this paste without honey, but be careful, even in the refrigerator, it won't last very long, a maximum of a week.

→ Water, I used it to be able to mix the ingredients and to facilitate the process of extracting/filtering the paste, but be careful with the amount, because it will reduce the shelf life of the product.

→ Choose well-ripened rosehips with pulp as fleshy and soft as possible to have something to extract from them, otherwise you won't extract too much pulp...

⚠ Do not throw away the pulp left after filtering. You can mix this with water and filter once more. Add honey to taste and get a refreshing drink with tonic/energizing properties. It will be kept in the refrigerator and it is recommended to consume it within 3 days.

Preservation and validity:
→ Rosehip paste must be kept cold, in the refrigerator, in tightly closed glass containers (jars).
→ If it is not opened, a jar can be kept in the fridge for ~6 months!
→ After opening a jar, it is recommended to consume it within a maximum of 3 months and keep it only in the refrigerator.
→ Avoid contact with air and light as much as possible because they accelerate the oxidation of the paste and automatically the loss of properties. That is why small containers are recommended.


→ It is recommended one tablespoon 1-3 times a day, preferably 30 minutes before meals, no later than 6 p.m.
→ 2-4 week cures are recommended, especially in the autumn-winter period, with breaks between 1-2 week cures.
→ It can be consumed as such, as a soft drink diluted with water (1 spoon per ~200 ml water) or added to various drinks.
→ For children, the spoon will be replaced with a teaspoon.

Effects and benefits

  • tonic, energizing
  • stimulates immunity
  • prevents cold and flu
  • regulates blood pressure
  • reduces bad cholesterol
  • blood detoxifier
  • liver drainer / tonic
  • antioxidant
  • anti-inflammatory
  • antianemic / mineralizing
  • helps the secretion of collagen
  • helps the nervous system
  • stimulates metabolism
  • increases appetite

Side effects

- exaggeration compared to the recommended amount can lead to digestive problems such as abdominal pain, diarrhea.


  • contraindicated for those allergic to any of the ingredients
  • for those with sweet tooth restrictions, I can make this paste without honey.


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